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Raffle of Blessings - Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms

By accessing and using the Raffle of Blessings website ("") or participating in our promotions, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Changes to Terms


Raffle of Blessings reserves the right to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued use of the Website or participation in promotions after any such changes constitutes acceptance of the new terms.

3. General Terms and Conditions of Participation in Raffle Draw

Raffle of Blessings is organised by Raffle of Blessings Pty Ltd, a registered entity in Australia (ACN 673871791), and these terms and conditions apply to all participants. Each raffle draw will have specific terms and conditions, including eligibility criteria, draw dates, and prize details, outlined on our website.

4. Conditions of Entry


To enter a raffle draw, participants must follow the instructions outlined in the specific terms and conditions for that draw. b. Participants must be residents of Australia (Except S.A) and meet the age requirement of 18 years old specified in the relevant terms.

5. Participation


Participants can enter the raffle draws through the Raffle of Blessings website or other designated platforms. Entries may require the purchase of Raffle of Blessings memberships, as detailed in the specific terms for each draw.

6. Winners


Winners will be selected as per the procedures outlined in the specific terms and conditions for each raffle draw. Winners will be announced on our website and/or social media platforms.

7. Draws, Prizes, and Re-draws


Each raffle draw has a limited number of participants, and the draw will close once the limit is reached. Prizes, including their details and values, will be specified in the terms and conditions for each draw. Unclaimed prizes may be subject to re-draws after a specified period, with details published on our website and social media.

8. Representations and Warranties


Raffle of Blessings represents that the purpose of each raffle draw is to promote awareness of our brand. We do not sell entries separately and fund the promotions independently.

9. Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability


Disputes connected with a raffle draw will be resolved through appropriate channels. Our liability is limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred by participants.

10. Governing Law


These terms and conditions, along with raffle draws, are governed by the laws of Australia.

11. Contact Information

For inquiries regarding Raffle of Blessings, please contact us at

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